Top Foods That Mice Find Delicious

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Top Foods That Mice Find Delicious

17 March 2020
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Mice are among the most common pests that homeowners need to grapple with. If you have mice as unwanted guests, it's helpful to know the types of food that mice love the most. This can help you understand what might be attracting mice and can also help you devise a more-effective trap.


Rodents are often capable of eating a wide range of foods. However, there are some that are more desirable. Mice are often associated with cheese, but they actually do not like cheese that much because it is too smelly. Instead, chocolate is one of the most effective lures.

Peanut Butter

If you are using food for bait, it's important to change it regularly because old food will have less of a smell. For example, peanut butter is popular among mice because they enjoy the odor and they can smell it from far away. 

Honey and other sweet foods of the same consistency can attract mice because they love sweet foods. However, the mouse may have a difficult time eating it. If you're using these foods to attract mice, it may not get close enough to the trap for it to be effective. 

Beef Jerky

If you would like to set a trap for a long time, use beef jerky or a hot dog. Beef jerky does not go bad and continues to give off an aroma that will attract mice to the trap. Other foods may need to be replaced more often.

Wet Cat Food

When using a snap trap, one challenge is keeping the food in place. Dry food may fall off the trap and the mouse might grab it without touching the trap. Wet cat food is easier to use because of how it will remain in place. 

Nuts and Seeds

Mice are less likely to eat food that they're not familiar with. However, mice eat seeds and nuts in the wild frequently. Therefore, if the mice are shy around your traps, seeds are an effective lure.

Even if you eliminate access to all food sources, mice will often leave. They can only go without food for 2 to four days. If the mice stay and are not able to access food easily, they will be more willing to eat less desirable food. To fully eliminate a mouse infestation, you will need to use several other strategies as well, such as sealing off entry points. Therefore, it's important to hire mice control services.

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