Do These Things When Installing Floating Shelves

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Do These Things When Installing Floating Shelves

28 January 2020
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Storage solutions are an important part of home decor. The right storage elements are both functional and aesthetically pleasing; they can help you organize your belongings in ways that minimize clutter. Shelves allow you to maximize the vertical space in your home, which is especially useful for people living in smaller studios or apartments. Shelves can also keep certain items out of reach of kids and pets.

When you decide to bring shelves into your home, you should consider floating shelves. Unlike free-standing shelves, wall-mounted shelves take up no floor space. Floating shelves also offer an intriguing and unique aesthetic. Here are four things you'll need to do when you decide to install floating shelves in your home:

1. Purchase the right hardware.

Floating shelves attach to your wall using brackets which screw into the wall itself. You need to purchase the right brackets which are sturdy enough to accommodate the weight of your shelves and belongings. When you purchase floating shelf hardware, it should indicate how many pounds it's able to support. Heavy duty brackets are able to support upwards of 150 pounds, which makes them adequate for almost any storage job.

2. Locate a wall stud.

Many homes have walls that are made of drywall, since drywall is more inexpensive than solid wood. If you have a drywall interior, you can still utilize floating shelves. You simply need to attach your brackets to the walls via the studs. Studs are made from solid wood, which means they can support the weight of a shelf, unlike drywall. You can easily locate the studs in your wall by using a stud finder. After you find the stud, mark it with a small pencil mark so you know where to place the bracket.

3. Use the right screws to mount the wall brackets.

When you're ready to attach your floating shelf brackets to your wall, you'll need the right screws. Screws are better for this job than nails, since the grooves on screws allows for more security. Like the floating shelf hardware itself, screws come in different sizes which are able to hold different amounts of weight. You can find an assortment of screws at your local hardware store, along with wall anchors that will be fitted under the screws.

4. Attach your floating shelves.

Once your brackets are in place, you're ready to mount your floating shelves. Many floating shelves slide easily onto the brackets for a beautiful final result that will astound your guests and family members.

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