3 Ways To Incorporate Natural Stone In Your Home

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3 Ways To Incorporate Natural Stone In Your Home

18 June 2019
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Natural stone is a durable and rustic material that can add significant aesthetic value to your home. You are probably familiar with the use of natural stone as a countertop material, but there are many more ways that natural stone can be incorporated into the design of your home.

Stone elements can increase the value of your property and lend a sophisticated ambiance to your living space.

1. Flooring

Stone can withstand the forces of nature when in its natural state. This resiliency can help improve the flooring in your home. Travertine, marble, and cobblestone are all suitable stones that can be used to create unique and elegant flooring surfaces.

Install a stone floor in your kitchen or bathroom to eliminate the threat of water damage to wood, laminate, or tile.You can also use natural paving stones to create an elegant patio floor or walkway in your yard.

2. Feature Wall

Natural stone comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures. This means that no two stone products will be exactly alike. You can take advantage of the individuality of natural stone products to create a unique feature wall in your home.

Stone can make a great addition to a fireplace surround or kitchen wall since stone products are easy to clean. You can also arrange natural stones in interesting and intricate ways to create a feature wall that is both durable and artistic.

3. Shower Surround

Updating your bathroom can add to the value of your home. Modern trends are leaning more toward a fully-tiled shower enclosure in bathroom design. Stone makes a great product to line your shower surround. The stone will give your bathroom a luxurious and tranquil feeling that is found in many high-end spas.

Stone is a porous material, so it is well-suited for use in a shower where exposure to water will be consistent. The stone will not discolor, mold, or mildew as quickly as some other construction materials that could be used to line your shower surround.

You can find a natural stone product in almost any color to fit your bathroom's overall design aesthetic and create the luxurious, yet still utilitarian living space you desire.

Once you begin to think about natural stone in new ways, finding places to incorporate stone in your home becomes easy. Natural stone can be used in many different design aesthetics, from rustic to modern. This versatility allows you to incorporate stone to create the interior of your dreams. Contact a modern stone supply company for more help.

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