Masonry Repair—Options to Hide the Repairs That Are Made

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Masonry Repair—Options to Hide the Repairs That Are Made

15 March 2019
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Are you in need of some masonry repair but worry that the repair work will be too obvious? If you're hoping to end up with a uniform, new look, there are several options of concrete finishing to consider. Here, you'll find a bit of information about a few options that'll help disguise the repairs that are needed.

Masonry Paint

The easiest and probably most affordable way to give the masonry a fresh, new look would be to apply a few coats of masonry paint to it. Masonry paint goes on like traditional house paint and will cover up all of the blemishes that you're trying to hide.

One issue that the paint will not cover up is cracks in the concrete. The paint will seep into the cracks, and when it dries, the cracks will be fully visible. If you opt for a masonry-colored paint, the small cracks won't be too visible, but if you choose a light shade, those cracks will stand out greatly.

Masonry Stain

Masonry stain is another option. Instead of coating the concrete with paint, acid- or water-based stain is used to change the color. Multiple colors can be used to create a marbleized look, or you can stick with one color and do the entire surface in a solid color.

If you have lots of discolorations on the concrete surface, you would do best to use multiple colors and create a pattern or design of some sort. This will help to conceal the imperfections and make them appear to be a part of the design.

Masonry Stamping

If things are looking really bad and you're expecting lots of repair work to be done, you may want to look into the option of concrete stamping. Stamping requires a thin coat of concrete to be applied to the surface. Then, a stamp is used to press an impression into the surface.

Stamping will do more than just hide the discolorations and cracks; it will make the entire surface appear to be new, fresh concrete. This technique can be used to hide repairs that are made to fill cracks, holes, discolorations, and even leveling projects.

Take your time as you talk with the masonry repair contractor that you're working with. He or she will be able to make adaptations to the plan to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want and need it to be. Contact companies like A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep if you don't yet have a masonry repair contractor to work with.

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