Blues Busters: How To Create An Uplifting Winter Gift Basket For The Gardener In Your Life

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Blues Busters: How To Create An Uplifting Winter Gift Basket For The Gardener In Your Life

4 February 2019
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For those who love to garden, the season of winter can be long and difficult. Dreary days and more time spent indoors can predispose even the most cheerful person to a bad case of the winter blues. You can help your friend or loved one banish the blues by creating a special winter gift basket to remind them that gardening season is right around the corner.

Pick a cheerful container for your gift

A medium to large flower pot in a bright color or cheerful design makes a perfect container for your gift. You can also choose a gardening pail, gardening caddy, or a decorative storage box with a lid in a garden-themed design. Wicker baskets also work well and can be used later to hold fresh-picked flowers or vegetables during an early morning stroll through the garden.

Pick a bundle of magazines

There's nothing better for chasing away the winter blues than looking at pictures of lush gardens and getting caught up on the newest varieties of flowers and vegetables available for spring planting. Spring gardening magazines begin to arrive in stores shortly after the winter holidays are over. Choose at least two or three magazines on a variety of gardening topics.

Pick plenty of seed packets

Selections of seed packets will be limited in local stores and gardening centers during the winter months, but will be available from merchants online. Does your gift recipient enjoy flower gardening, vegetable gardening, or a combination of both? You will find a wide variety of seed packets online, but be intentional about the seeds you buy.

For instance, if the recipient loves flower gardening, you may want to choose several seed varieties that grow well together in a large container or window box. The best mix for a container will be one type of flower that is tall, one that is bushy, and one that will trail over the sides. Dahlias and hibiscus are tall, begonias and impatiens are bushy, and petunias and lobelia are good trailing flowers. These are only a small example of the types available.

If the recipient enjoys cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs, you may want to select seeds that are designed for growing in containers. The popularity of small-space gardening has resulted in more varieties of these vegetables being available. Roma tomatoes, sweet basil, and oregano are good choices for a patio garden container.

A company like Vermont Wildflower Farm can give you more information.

Pick a few finishing touches

Colorful garden gloves, a small bottle of fertilizer or plant food, or miniature garden stakes make nice finishing touches for your gift. Small garden flags or decorative garden signs are other great options. Wrap your container in clear cellophane, secure the top with jute string, and add a silk flower instead of a bow to dress up your gardening gift.

Planning for spring gardening season is one of the best ways for gardeners to beat the winter blues. You can help your gardening friend or loved one get in the mood for spring by presenting them with a thoughtful gardening gift that will brighten the dreariest winter day.

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