Keeping Your Septic System Free Of Common Malfunctions

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Keeping Your Septic System Free Of Common Malfunctions

19 December 2018
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Preventing a septic system from suffering serious problems should be a major concern for most homeowners. Yet, there are many routine decisions and mistakes that can lead to a septic system suffering major performance problems or malfunctions.

Understand The Problems A Garbage Disposal Can Create For A Septic System

A garbage disposal can be an easy kitchen appliance to abuse. When homeowners put excessive amounts of food down the garbage disposal, it can lead to major plumbing problems for any home, but this is particularly problematic for septic systems. These systems can become overwhelmed by the amount of food that can accumulate in the tank if a garbage disposal is used excessively. While this appliance can be useful, homeowners with septic systems should keep their usage to a minimum.

Keep Large Plants From Growing Near The Buried Parts Of The Septic System

When large plants grow too close to the buried components of the septic system, their roots can create problems. One of the most common will be intrusions into the pipes, but this is far from the only way that these roots can impact the performance of the septic system. It can also be possible for the roots to cause the soil surrounding these components to become too compacted for the system to drain. Also, the roots can wrap around pipes can eventually cause them to rupture.

Always Follow The Required Pumping Schedule For Your Particular System

A failure to pump the septic tank is a leading cause of problems for these systems. This work is only required to be done every few years, which can make it easy for a homeowner to forget to schedule this work. However, failing to remove the excessive amounts of solid material from the tank can lead to extensive clogs and other damages. Keeping track of when this work needs to be done next can be a task that homeowners may not want to do, but it is essential for keeping the septic system functional.

Be Mindful To Only Use Septic Safe Laundry And Dish Detergents

Using dish and laundry detergents that are not septic safe can be another cause of problems. These soaps can devastate the beneficial bacteria that make a septic system work, and these soaps can also leave residues that can sink to the bottom of the tank and bind to other solid matter. Detergents that are designed for use with septic systems are usually more expensive, but this is an essential cost for protecting your septic system.

For more information on septic tank maintenance, talk to a septic tank professional today.

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