Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

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Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

20 August 2018
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Want to make one change to your home that will significantly improve its energy efficiency and its appearance? You might consider replacing your windows, especially if they're older. Your windows are a critical element in your home's structure. They do more than just provide a view to the outside. They also protect your home from the elements and contribute to your home's curb appeal. An investment in new windows could be significant, but you may be able to recoup that expense through improved energy efficiency and increased home value. Below are three reasons why you should consider new windows for your home.

Protection against the elements. A window's number one job is to serve as a filter against the elements. A window keeps out air and moisture. If you're seeing moisture accumulation on your window panes or around your window frames, it may be time to consider new windows. That's especially true if you have older wooden frames. The frames may be rotting and that rot could provide opportunities for moisture to seep in.

Your windows also may not be as energy-efficient as they once were. It's not uncommon for homes to adjust over time. Your current window frames may not fit as snug as they once did, and there could be small creases and gaps for air to flow in and out of your home. This can reduce your home's efficiency and increase your energy bill. New windows will fit exactly in your home's frames and eliminate those air gaps.

Interior fading. Windows are also your home's most important filter against sunlight. You want some sunlight to enter your home. It provides natural light that can enhance your home's appearance, and it can warm your home during cooler months. However, too much sun can also be a problem. It can create heat during warmer periods, increasing the workload for your air conditioner. Sunlight can also fade your furniture, curtains, and other design elements.

Consider new windows that have built-in sunlight filters. Many newer types of windows have unique films that can reduce UV rays and fading effects while also maintaining the natural light that you love in your home.

Exterior aesthetics. Finally, windows can have a significant impact on your home's curb appeal. Rotting, fading, or simply old-fashioned window frames may diminish your home's aesthetics. That could limit your home's value, which may be problematic if you're trying to sell. Consider new windows that have a fresh appearance and complementary color. You may want to consider wood frames with an aluminum overlay. You get the appearance of natural wood without the vulnerability to moisture, which means your new windows will last much longer.

Ready to install new windows in your home? You can try here or a similar company. They can help you find the right ones for your design and budget.

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