How Do You Know What Granite To Choose For Your Kitchen Countertop?

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How Do You Know What Granite To Choose For Your Kitchen Countertop?

13 April 2018
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The kitchen countertop that you choose will have a significant impact on the appearance of your kitchen. One of the more popular materials for countertops is granite. This is because of how durable it is, how easy it is to maintain, the fact that it increases the value of your home, and, of course, how beautiful it truly is. Here, you'll find some information that can help you select the perfect granite countertop to complete your kitchen.

Create a Color Block

Any home renovation or design project should begin with a color block. A color block is simply a board that includes every material and color that you plan to use in the kitchen. So, you'll need a sample of the flooring material, the cabinetry color, the paint for the walls, the backsplash material and the hardware to be installed.

You can take this color block with you to select the granite for the countertop. This will ensure that you have coordinated all of the colors already planned for your kitchen with the colors that are in the granite.

Select a Shade

If you go into buying granite for your countertops without any idea of the shade that you want, you're going to be overwhelmed. There are so many colors, shades and styles to choose from, so if you can narrow the long list by knowing the shade that you'd like, you'll eliminate many of the options and make the selection process easier.

To determine the shade, you'll need to answer some questions about the design of your kitchen.

  • How big is your kitchen?
  • How dark is the wood in the kitchen?
  • Does the kitchen get a lot of natural light?
  • What color is the flooring and walls?
  • What type of finish does the hardware have?
  • What color are the appliances?

Once you have answered these questions, you'll have a better idea of what shade you need for the countertop. If the kitchen is dark, doesn't get a lot of natural light, is small and all of the other materials are darker shades, you'd do best to choose lighter shades of granite to balance things out. If you have a spacious kitchen with lots of natural light and lighter shades of materials, you can choose darker shades of granite.

Your granite shopping experience can be stressful, but if you go to the granite store with the information above, you'll be able to get through it with ease.

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