How To Paint A Wooden Pergola

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How To Paint A Wooden Pergola

27 February 2018
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If you are looking to redefine the style of your exterior by painting your pergola, you need to figure out the most practical method.  There aren't many projects that are as practical and cost effective as a simple paint job. This article specifically compares the differences between painting with rollers and paint brushes, or using a pneumatic spraygun systems. Both methods can be practical and time efficient, depending on your particular home and situation.

Which is Faster?

Paint rollers and brushes are the go-to for many DIYers. This is simply because the supplies are more affordable and accessible. You can walk into any home improvement store, buy your paint and all of your supplies for a couple hundred dollars. You would obviously need to buy or rent an expensive pneumatic spraygun system if you want to spray on your paint. That being said, spraygun rental are not that expensive, and you usually only need one for a single day to sufficiently paint a wood pergola. Of course, this only works if you do all of the prep work beforehand.

On top of this, spraying will usually speed up your painting process. It is not always faster though. For instance, if you have multiple people helping you with your paint job, it might be quicker to give them all rollers. Three or four people using rollers at the same time probably get paint onto the pergola quicker than one person with a spraygun. However, if one person is using a spraygun, and another is using a paint roller, the gun is going to get much more comprehensive coverage in a shorter amount of time.


The biggest drawback to using a spraygun is the fact that it creates a much bigger mess. The overspray from a gun is definitely something you need to take into account if your pergola is set onto top of concrete or near flower beds and landscaping. If you are painting a brand new home that doesn't have landscaping or finished concrete, using a spraygun might be easy because you want have to do that much masking off.

However, the area around your pergola needs to be masked off, you will need to do significant preparation work. Some people imagine that using a spraygun will be difficult, and that there will be a sharp a learning curve. But, modern sprayguns are smartly designed it very easy to operate.

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