Techniques To Help You Control Weed Growth In Your Garden

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Techniques To Help You Control Weed Growth In Your Garden

26 April 2017
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As soon as the weather warms up for spring, the weeds begin to emerge from the soil in your garden and landscaping. It can be easier to prevent weed growth than it is to pull them after they have grown and begun to mature. Here are two methods you can use to control and prevent weed growth in your garden and yard.


Laying a layer of mulch over the soil in your garden and other landscaped areas helps your soil in several ways in addition to controlling weeds. Mulch helps hold moisture within the soil and prevents the sun from drying out the soil so your plants can grow better. Mulch also blocks the sunlight and oxygen from the soil to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Many types of mulch you can get inexpensively and even free from your own yard.

If you have dead or fallen tree limbs in your yard, you can rent a wood chipper to make mulch for your soil. As you mow your lawn each week, collect them in your lawn clippings bag and spread them over the soil where you want to control weeds.

Install a layer of mulch made of wood chips, bark, or lawn clippings on the soil between your landscaping or garden plants. Be sure to leave a space around the stem of your plants for water to reach the soil around each of the plants' roots. Then, if any weeds do begin to grow within your mulch layer, their roots will be shallow and not held in place strong, so are easy to pull from the mulch layer and discard.

Drip Irrigation

A second way to help control weeds in your garden or landscaped areas is to install a drip irrigation watering system. When you install this system of tubing and water emitters into your garden, it delivers water directly to the roots of your plants and not into the soil elsewhere. A traditional method of watering with a sprinkler delivers water through the air to a large area of soil. This can deliver water into soil without garden and landscaping plants, providing water for weed seeds to grow.

Besides controlling weeds, drip irrigation helps you save water, as you don't lose water to evaporation, runoff, and over-watering. A drip irrigation system also saves you time, as you don't have to spend time in your garden moving around your sprinkler or directing the water sprayer onto your garden. You can even set your drip irrigation onto a timer to run on specific days for specific lengths of time.

Use these tips to help you control weeds in your garden and yard landscaping. Visit for more information.   

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