Signs You Have An Earwig Infestation On Your Property

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Signs You Have An Earwig Infestation On Your Property

26 April 2017
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Earwig infestations are relatively rare, but when they do happen on your property you can feel like everywhere you turn these odd little creatures are underfoot. It's odd to find one of these insects indoors, and luckily they are not colonized critters, which means they do not infest properties in droves the way termites or bees do. Still, you can have an earwig infestation and not even know it or understand why this bug has decided to claim your property as their own. Here are some signs you have an earwig infestation on your property and when you should call pest control services to assist you in their removal.

You have a damp basement or crawlspace

Earwigs love living in moist warm areas so you will see them most likely in your home in areas that are quiet and damp. This makes your basement a prone area for earwigs to rear their young and give you the impression of an infestation. If this is the case, you will likely find these creatures crawling around the edges of your floors or under pipes that are damp or moist. Placing fans in your basement or crawl spaces can help dry out the areas, which will quickly help you eradicate this pest.

You have lots of mulch around your home

Whether you are planning to create a garden or have one already near your home, such as decorative plants in soft soil by your porch, earwigs love a damp, leafy area to call home. Most earwigs feed on dead or dying vegetation which means your garden from the fall that is just coming to life or an unattended flower bed is a lovely place for them to call home. Keep your garden areas trimmed of dead leaves and vegetation and you may find your earwig problem ending.

If you have a wood pile, earwigs may dwell here as well. Since this is a solitary creature you won't find a lot of the bugs at once unless eggs have recently hatched. A pest control expert can help you lay a road base material or weed barrier fabric under your wood pile to smother existing earwigs and dry out the area so they may not return.

A pest control service like Suffolk Pest Control can also come to your home and spray your property with a chemical that won't harm your plants but will kill earwigs and their eggs. It's best to do this in the early spring before eggs hatch to keep the population of this insect low.

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