3 Things a Reliable Rodent Control Specialist Should Be Able to Do for You

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3 Things a Reliable Rodent Control Specialist Should Be Able to Do for You

31 March 2017
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Tired of trying to take care of your rodent problem alone? It may be time to hire a specialist to exterminate them from your household. Here are a few things a reliable rodent control technician should be able to do for you:

Complete a Free Consultation

You need to make sure that the rodent control specialist you decide to hire is easy to work with by getting to know them in person and seeing how they respond to your specific questions and concerns. Can they provide you with a step-by-step play of their extermination protocols on the spot? Do they actively listen to your concerns without interrupting? How much knowledge do they specifically have about the rodent species? Ask them about why rodents might be attracted to your home and what type they are to find out what they know.

Overall, an in-person consultation will give you an opportunity to gauge their communication skills and determine whether they are confident in the extermination techniques they'll be using within your home. An initial consultation will also give the prospective technician an opportunity to provide you with an accurate quote for the job they'll be doing so there aren't any unwanted surprises to deal with when the bill arrives. And you shouldn't have to pay to consult with specialists just to determine whether they can meet your needs and expectations.

Submit a List of Ingredients

It's important to understand exactly what is in the chemicals your service technician will be using during the extermination process to ensure that you can properly protect your family's health. When consulting with prospective rodent control specialists, ask them to provide you with a list of products and ingredients that they use so you can research the information and determine how safe it is, what the dangers are, and how to properly protect yourself and your household members. Ask the technicians for any research they have about the safety and effectiveness of the extermination products they use, and inquire about eco-friendly options that may be available, even if at a higher cost.

Provide a Maintenance Plan

Another thing the rodent control specialist you decide to hire should be able to do for you is create a maintenance plan you can use to minimize the chance that rodents will become a nuisance again before your next extermination treatment. Ask for do-it-yourself tips along with a list of commercial products that can be used to keep your rodent problem at bay, and find out what additional services they can provide you with between official extermination visits that will supplement your efforts. They may be able to deliver things like humane traps and special repellent solutions when you need them. You should feel confident about keeping the rodents away by the time your service provider leaves.

Making these considerations while deciding which rodent control specialist to hire will help ensure that your needs and expectations are met when all is said and done.  

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