3 Ways to Enhance the Visual Life of Your New Office Furniture

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3 Ways to Enhance the Visual Life of Your New Office Furniture

4 August 2016
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It makes sense to choose function over design when it comes to investing in new office furniture for your business. Ergonomic options and supportive designs will help minimize body aches and the development of problems such as carpal tunnel among your employees. But just because you're going for function doesn't mean you have to give up on style. The following tips and tricks will help you enhance the visual aesthetics of your new office furniture:

Add Some Extra Color and Texture

Making use of color is an excellent way to bring your basic office furniture to life and give some depth to your overall office space. Colors actually have the ability to affect peoples' emotions, which can work in your favor when it comes to invoking contentment and production among your employees. Consider one or more of the following color options:

  • Yellow encourages happiness and stimulates the mind, which can be helpful during the analytical process.
  • Blue creates an atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Green tends to remind people of nature and to take care of themselves.
  • Red induces high energy levels that encourage action.

While you can reupholster to colorize your office furniture, introducing some textural components is just as effective while also being more convenient and cost effective. The texture will introduce comfort and softness for your employees and clients to take advantage of. Laying blankets across the backs of couches in the lounge area, putting throw pillows in the seats of office chairs, and wrapping a decorative rope around the arms and legs of benches are all attractive options to consider. For a customized look, have different colored seat covers made for each of your office chairs that fit snugly around their base.

Incorporate Nearby Accents

You can also use various accents to add some visual life to your new office furniture. Start by placing doilies, embroidered covers, customized tapestries, or stenciled canvas on your office's coffee tables, desks, and counters where possible. Then introduce a few containers full of marbles, vases filled with faux flowers, or even live plants that help filter the office's air to further enhance the dynamics of your decor. Placing are rugs underneath tables and chairs will add lots of extra color to any specific pieces that you'd like to highlight. Introducing interesting curtains, intricate bookends, and decorative floating shelves are also great ways to make your office furniture pop.

Advertise Your Business

If current and potential customers tend to visit your office on a regular basis, take the opportunity to decorate your furniture in a way that advertises your business. This technique is an effective way to create brand recognition and set yourself apart from other similar business in the area. Decorating desks with branded calendars and coffee mugs, having your company's logo stitched into your chairs, and customizing the cushion covers on your couches with your business's printed on them will keep your company's services fresh in the minds of your clients and increase the chance that they'll provide you with free word-of-mouth advertising. Other promotion ideas include having your logo embroidered on arm chair covers, your business name printed on the legs of the benches in your waiting room, and your phone number sketched on the backs of exterior lounge chairs.

These methods and techniques should be pretty easy to implement and are likely to increase production levels among your employees, as well as impress each customer who walks through your door. All of these suggestions can be completed professionally or as do-it-yourself projects, which should make it easy to implement any aspects you desire no matter what your budget looks like.  

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