Types Of Outdoor Sprinkler Systems

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Types Of Outdoor Sprinkler Systems

27 June 2016
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Sprinkler systems provide a periodical stream of water to your garden and yard to ensure that they stay properly hydrated throughout the summer months with little effort on your part. However, there are several different types of sprinkler systems available, each of which operates in a different distinct matter to provide the same function. Understanding the differences associated with each type of sprinkler system, and the unique advantages and drawbacks that come with each, can help you choose the one that best fits your garden's watering needs.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are not the sprinklers that most people think of, which spray water throughout the air. Instead, soaker hoses are long hoses that are semi-permeable, allowing water to exit the hose along its entire length. These hoses are then laid out throughout your garden or yard to provide water to the areas that need it slowly. Furthermore, you can attach regular hoses to soaker hoses to allow water to be transported across your yard without leaking out.

Drip Systems

Drip systems are sprinklers like bubblers and micro-sprayers, which are small installations in your yard that spray water over a small, concentrated area. They are ideal for use in garden beds and small areas where a constant and even flow of water is needed, but are less well suited for large open areas as a large amount of hardware would need to be installed.

Traditional Automatic Spray Systems

Traditional automatic spray systems are made up of spray heads that spray water around themselves all at once in a circle (though they can be adjusted to spray over a half circle or to target a certain area). The main draw of this type of sprinkler system is the fact that they can cover a large area of plant growth very easily, making them ideal for the automation of yard watering. However, they also tend to put down water at a fairly fast rate, which can increase erosion if your soil type is unable to absorb the water quickly enough.

Rotor Systems

Rotor type sprinklers are the most common type of residential sprinkler, and are similar to traditional automatic spray systems, but instead of spraying the water down all at once in a circle, they turn slowly, spraying water in one direction at a time. This removes the downside associated with traditional automatic spray systems, as water is applied slower and thus can be absorbed quicker. Contact a business, such as Krupske Sprinkler Systems, for more information.   

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